How to Start a Business Selling Homemade Jams

Did you know that the global fruit jam, spreads, and jelly business are said to grow by $9 billion by 2027? This shows the great opportunity for startups and home-based businesses in this field. Making a delicious batch of jam and selling it to customers directly or to retailers can help you earn great profits right from the comfort of your home. If you are also looking to start or grow a business selling homemade jams in Sydney, here are some useful pointers to help you out:

Create A Clear Plan

You need to visualise your jam business and create a plan for how big you want it to be and whom you want to sell. You should also list the fruits and supplies you wish to use and start arranging suppliers or visits to local farms. Lastly, make a financial projection for your future goals and keep a profit margin.

Calculate Your Costs

When you start a business selling homemade jams, you must first consider the costs involved and set a budget. Your costs can be divided into equipment costs and supply costs.
  • If you are starting small and only want to serve a limited number of customers, you can use the equipment in your kitchen.
  • For instance, jams can be made in one large pot, and all glass jars can be cleaned and sterilised in boiling water.
  • If you are planning to expand your jam business, then you need to purchase and invest in basic equipment as follows:
  • Juice extractor
  • Fruit slicer
  • Mixer
  • Pulper
  • Jars
  • Pectin
  • Fruit
  • Sugar
You can reduce your supply costs by visiting local farms and buying produce to create fresh and natural jams.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Next, you must see how much your running expenses will be daily. You will have to consider the cost of electricity and natural gas that you use to run your business and shipping and delivery costs to your customers.

Find Your Target Audience

You must locate your target audience to market and advertise your jams and jellies. To do this, you must first do some research in the area that you are planning to sell in and see what kind of demographic is there. For instance, local bakeries and small restaurants that want to use jams in their meals and baked goods will provide you with a stable income.

Pick A Name

Lastly, pick a business name that suits your products and appeals to the masses. You can use some creative and catchy titles to make your home-based business stand out. Make sure you check your state’s records to see if your business name is available and then register it online to avoid copyright issues.


The above steps will help you get a foothold in the jam industry and earn great profits right from the comfort of your home. These ideas are also useful if you want to start a business selling homemade jams and sauces, as these are two highly profitable and fruitful business ventures in Sydney, New South Wales.