David Wilson

David is one of our experts who is involved in the making of chutneys, sauces, dips, jams, etc. He coordinates with farmers and makes sure that all the vegetables and fruits arrive at our place right on time. He also keeps a close watch on the quality of the raw materials that are used to make the food products and ensure these are grown in an organic way.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia is an expert in making jams. For the last many years, she has been using her skills and knowledge to make different flavours of jams, including strawberry, mango, pineapple, apple, raspberry, marmalade, apricot, plum, blueberry, and blackcurrant. She uses the best quality ingredients and traditional approach to make the jams. Our Jams are quite popular among the kids in Sydney, NSW.

Ema White

Ema is a specialist in making different types of sauces and relishes. She is also an important member of this small family business and makes sure that we provide the best quality sauces to our customers. She uses the traditional approach and premium quality ingredients, spice to prepare these products. Our sauces and relishes are quite popular in Sydney.

Steve Robertson

Steve is in charge of the warehouse and logistics. He makes sure that all the variety of products is available in appropriate quantity, so we can fulfil the requirement of the customers. So, Steve looks after the quantity of the production and make sure that all the products are available all the time. He has previously worked with some renowned food companies in the same position.

Amelia Brown

Amelia makes sure that everything that is being prepared at Donna Does Solutions is perfect in terms of hygiene. So, she looks after that the ingredients are properly washed, the preparation area is clean and disinfected, the warehouse is perfectly clean and free from pests. It is her responsibility to fulfil the hygiene protocol of the state government.

George Taylor

George takes care of the preparation of items like sandwich spread, chutneys and dips as he has been making these food add-ons for the last many years and has become an expert. George has worked as head chef with some popular restaurants in Sydney and New South Wales. He uses his secret recipes to make these items.

Maria Johnson

Maria works as the manager of Donna Does Solutions. She coordinates with all the members to make sure that all the members can work smoothly. From getting vegetables and fruits, spices to the selling of the final products, Maria keep a close eye on all the stages. She manages Donna Does Solutions perfectly, which is one of the reasons behind what we have become today.